EXCLUSIVE: Country's Hottest New Band, King Calaway, Breaks Down Their Inspiration

The six-piece group is ready to take country music by storm

Coming together from all around the globe, country-pop just got exactly what it needs right now.

Meet country's brand new boy band, King Calaway. The six-man band made up of Jordan Harvey, Chad Michael Jervis, Simon Dumas, Chris Deaton, Caleb Miller and Austin Luther may be fresh on the scene, but these young men are ready to make a splash with their debut single, "World for Two."  

The track's music video features each of the guys, each playing their respective instruments (gotta love that!), rockin' around a bonfire on the beach.  

As you may have noticed, there is no lead singer in King Calaway. Jordan, Chad, and Simon share frontman duties, while Chris, Caleb, and Austin provide the harmonies. And with guys coming together from both sides of the Atlantic, each brings something very, very unique to the group. 

Caleb, an Ohio-native, was playing guitar in bars when his peers were still trying to master multiplication. Chris, the band's drummer and big Dave Grohl fan, is from Tennessee. King Calaway's bass player, Austin, is from Minnesota and guitar player-slash-singer Chad hails from Delaware. As for Jordan, the Scotland native shares lead singer duties in addition to playing both guitars and piano, while Simon, who was born and raised in Gibraltar, serves as co-frontman with Jordan and Chad in addition to stepping behind the piano.      

"World for Two" is one of five songs on the group's brand new self-titled EPGet your copy today just by clicking here.