John Mayer Will Keep Releasing Music Until This One Thing Happens

Find out what may cause the "New Light" singer to call it quits

Between crafting his own collection of hits over 15 years, unforgettable covers, and his more recent work with the remaining members of the Grateful Dead, John Mayer seems to still have a whole lot left in the tank. 

That said, we may have actually found the one thing that will make the "New Light" singer hang it up for good. Mayer released "New Light" and its absolutely hilarious video (below) earlier this year, which got us wondering about new music. So, we grabbed time with Mayer recently to ask him about what's ahead.

There you have it - Mayer has a lot left to put out there! Oh, and puking on stage. When performance vomiting becomes a thing, John Mayer will be done with music. Until then, check out Mayer's new video for "New Light."