Kendrick Lamar to Release Collector’s Edition of DAMN.

The reverse-order record will drop December 8
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It's no secret that 2017 has been a DAMN. good year for Kendrick Lamar.

The Compton rapper dropped, arguably, the finest set of songs of his young career back in April when DAMN. was released. The 14-track album has been hailed by critics as one of the best rap records in years. In addition to winning BET, AMA, and MTV awards, DAMN. is also up for Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards next month.

However, the one rumor about DAMN. that surfaced just hours after its release was that K. Dot was planning on releasing two albums that day. Of course, that rumor set the internet on fire, even though it wasn't really true!

Although, to be honest with you, scratch that, because in a very, very unique way, Kendrick Lamar did drop two albums. You see, back in August, K. Dot said that the album can and should be listened to in reverse order. Why? Let's figure it out.

When you listen to DAMN. from "BLOOD." to "DUCKWORTH.," it takes us through Lamar's journey of enlightenment. According to Ambrosia for Heads, the order of the songs as they were released reveals, through Kendrick's choices, that he's not wicked and that he can overcome weakness -- answering the question of "wickedness or weakness" proposed in the opening track, "BLOOD." And in that initial order, the album finishes with "DUCKWORTH.," a track focusing on two important men in Lamar's life, his mentor and label owner, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith and Kendrick's father, Ducky. Both men knew each other some 20 years ago. Back then, as both men revealed later in life, it was Kendrick's father who showed Top compassion, gently detouring Top off a road that would have inevitably changed both of their lives forever. 

Here is the DAMN. tracklist as originally released:

  1. "BLOOD."
  2. "DNA."
  3. "YAH."
  4. "ELEMENT."
  5. "FEEL."
  6. "LOYALTY." ft. Rihanna
  7. "PRIDE."
  8. "HUMBLE."
  9. "LUST"
  10. "LOVE" ft. Zacari
  11. "XXX" ft. U2
  12. "FEAR."
  13. "GOD."
  14. "DUCKWORTH."

Now, reverse the order of the tracks on DAMN. and the record takes on a whole new meaning. In fact, the record's message flips from overcoming weakness and wickedness to falling deeper into it. Because in reverse order, "DUCKWORTH.," now the first track, becomes the point where Kendrick chooses the "wrong" path. This weak and wicked path culminates in a fatal gunshot wound that K. Dot walks us through in the now final track, "BLOOD."   

Here is the DAMN. Collector's Edition tracklist:

  2. "GOD."
  3. "FEAR."
  4. "XXX" ft. U2
  5. "LOVE" ft. Zacari
  6. "LUST"
  7. "HUMBLE."
  8. "PRIDE."
  9. "LOYALTY." ft. Rihanna
  10. "FEEL."
  11. "ELEMENT."
  12. "YAH."
  13. "DNA."
  14. "BLOOD."

So, yeah, Kendrick Lamar did in fact drop two albums on the same day. And to reward fans for picking up on it, K. Dot is expected to make a collector's edition of DAMN., with the tracks in reverse order, available Friday, December 8.