Rapper T.I. Buys a Florida High School Student’s Lunch for a Year After She Was Denied Food

She was denied because the student's lunch account was 15 cents short

Atlanta rapper T.I. is stepping up to help a Florida high schooler after the girl's school reportedly denied her a meal.

According to several news stations in central Florida, the young girl's account was 15 cents short when she tried to get lunch last week. The student's mother says a cafeteria worker at University High School denied the sophomore lunch because of the shortage.

As the story made its way across the internet, Tip apparently took some issue with it and responded on Twitter:

The student's mother says the rapper made good on his word and donated lunch money. She also says that since so many people have reached out to make similiar donations, she's created a GoFundMe account for students and their families who can't afford school lunch.

The account has a goal of $10,000. If you want more information or to donate, just click here.