50 Cent vs. The Internet: Trollin’ Deep

The rapper is going after Floyd Mayweather, Jim Jones, Terry Crews, and even Remy Ma

50 Cent, who's MySpace is still active, has been notoriously trolling multiple celebrities online recently and we're not sure why. No matter the reasoning, you need to get you hip!

In this week's round of 50 Cent vs. The Internet, 50 whips straight past the sweet-mannered "Candy Shop" to drop Floyd Mayweather, Jim Jones, Terry Crews, and Remy Ma off at the flaming-hot "Disco Inferno."


Round 1: Floyd Mayweather

While it's pretty common knowledge that Floyd Mayweather didn't graduate high school, you can still let the man be proud that his own son has.

50, on the other hand, saw the opportunity to spark him and didn't hold back, coming at Floyd's illiteracy once again.

We have a full list of 21 questions about what 50 is doing with his life currently, but primarily, "whose neck will he go after next?"