Confirmed: Madonna Has New Music On The Way

We've been waiting three years for this day!
Photo credit Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The Billboard record holder for most No. 1 songs on every single chart combined is prepping to bless us with yet another.

The last time Madonna released anything was three years ago, in 2015, when she dropped her thirteenth studio album, Rebel Heart. Working with producers such as Diplo and the late Avicii, Rebel Heart featured guest appearances by Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, Nas, even Mike Tyson. The album made it all the way up to No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

The wealthiest woman in the music business tweeted this photo of her and producer Mirwais, nicknamed "Disco God," officially confirming the news: Madonna IN FACT will be dropping new music. The Disco God also just so happens to be the guy behind three of her other albums including three-time GRAMMY nominated Music, American Life, and Confessions On The Dancefloor. So, ipso facto, if you liked any of those albums you'll most likely be in love with her latest.

We're not certain what this new album will be titled. We do, however, know that she keeps on hastagging all of her posts with "#music #method #magic #mothership." Could it be one of those?