Get a Taste of Our Favorite Fall Drinks & Cocktails

Everyone wants to try a Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mi-Mamosa!
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Orange, red and yellow leaves are beginning to fall, the cool, crisp air is whistling across our cheeks, and nearly everything that could be made with pumpkin spice is being sold everywhere -- oh, baby, it's Fall.

Today actually marks the official first day of the fall season and what better way to ring it in than with 'Boo'ze.

Here are our favorite fall drinks to keep you warm this fall, whether it's a hot beverage, a whiskey jacket, or a drink that's literally on fire.

1. Mama Say, Mama Sa, Mi-Mamosas*

2. The Bountiful Henny Harvest*

3. Spooky Hot Chocolate*

4. Autumn-licious Margarita

5. The Try Not To Light Yourself On Fire**

What do you think of the list? Have a drink you want to be added? Tweet us an let us know!

We hope you have an amazing fall and please enjoy responsibly.

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