LSD Tease New Track, ‘Thunderclouds,’ Coming Thursday

It will be the latest release from the Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo collective

Well, LSD has really been putting in work lately, releasing another brand new song later this week.

The group is made up of English vocalist, Labrinth, the multi-faceted artist, Sia, and super-producer, Diplo.

They've only been established as a group for just over 3 months, releasing their debut single, "Genius," on May 3 of this year. However, LSD has already been able to land their first two songs, "Genius" and "Audio," on charts around the world. Now, we have a brand new one to look for!

Get a sneak peek at their new song "Thunderclouds" coming this Thursday:

We'll give you a full listen to their latest sound as soon as it's released!