George Clooney Involved in Scooter Accident in Italy

The actor has been released from the hospital!
AJR; Sound House, Sept. 22, 2018
Photo credit Key Lime Photo

George Clooney was involved in a motor scooter accident earlier Tuesday in Italy. The actor was riding through the island of Sardinia while heading to a film set.

According to the Associated Press, Clooney was treated at The John Paul II hospital in Olbia and has since been released. The 57-year-old's spokesperson, Stan Rosenfield, revealed to the media outlet in an e-mail that Clooney "is recovering at his home and will be fine."

Clooney was seen leaving the hospital through a side exit while riding home in a van. The Associated Press reported that he is currently "filming a television miniseries adapted from Joseph Heller's World War II Novel Catch 22."

Get well soon, George!