Lauren Alaina Taking Social Media Break

The country star shares heartfelt message..

Lauren Alaina will be missed on social media after announcing she will be taking a break from all platforms. The country singer reassured her fans that she will however be back soon. 

Alaina is one of the most fun, ambitious, and stronger women of the genre who can also light up just about any room she walks into. The "Ladies In The '90s" singer shared a statement January 5 revealing she's on the search for the Lauren whom once was "happy and sure of herself." 

"I'm looking behind every rock and corner for her this year, and I'm going to find her. I'm taking a little break from social media," Alaina shared to Twitter

The 24-year-old has released two albums to date including Wildflower and Road Less Traveled. She will hit the road as a supporting act on Blake Shelton's “Friends and Heroes 2019 Tour” which kicks off in February. 

Read Lauren Alaina's full statement below.