Rachel Platten Is Expecting Her First Child

The "Fight Song" singer shared the baby news on Instagram!

Rachel Platten is pregnant! 

The singer-songwriter is expecting her first child with husband Kevin Lazan. Platten revealed the news earlier this week with the stunning photo below on Instagram. 

"The is one of the most exciting announcements, but also one of my most vulnerable. So here goes... I am pregnant," Platten shared.

Platten goes on to say although it's a miracle, she's had a very difficult summer while experiencing awful symptoms such as nausea, exhaustion, and constant sickness. The "Fight Song" singer promises fans she will continue to share as much as she can with us in the coming months. 

Congratulations, Rachel Platten!

Plus, we sat down with the 37-year-old pop star to discuss her double platinum track, "Fight Song." Watch our exclusive interview below as Platten candidly states, "I'm not sick of it."