Rose McGowan on Defending Tara Reade and Getting Joe Biden to ‘Drop Out’

McGowan also says her new album 'Planet 9' is meant for healing

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In a recent interview with Shira Lazar and Ryan Mitchell on CHANNEL Q’s Let's Go There, Rose McGowan shared that she has had to recently focus her activism efforts on defending Tara Reade, who has accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993. Biden has denied the accusation since Reade's statement was released. The Charmed actress says, “I relentlessly went after the New York Times starting about four weeks ago for sitting on Tara Reade’s Interview. They interviewed Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s accuser a year ago. They’ve sat on it for a year and then they finally waited until he was basically the presumptive nominee to release it so everyone could say ‘Why did she wait until now?’”

McGowan went on to defend Reade and said that the former Senate aide to Biden didn’t wait to make her statement. McGowan reiterated, “she didn’t. She was a woman who was not famous like me. She didn’t have access to microphones. She’s been a lifelong Democrat.”

When asked what we do now about the situation, McGowan told Shira, “We have a window of opportunity. We have a window to get the ***** to drop out.” Realistically McGowan believes that this won’t happen, however, she won’t stop speaking up on behalf of Reade. “I think it's incumbent on all of us to fight it.”

If Biden were to have a female running mate McGowan believes that a huge burden would be placed upon that potential Vice President. The female running mate would constantly be bombarded with questions about Biden standing up for women. “Women are tired, and I’m tired of, dealing with toxic men’s **** and having our lives defined by this," she shared. "I mean you and I are talking about this right now instead of talking about my incredible work.”

In regards to McGowan’s incredible work, the singer discussed her brand new album, Planet 9. She said that her music is meant for healing in a time when we desperately need to heal. The album touches on notes of struggle and really speaks out for those who aren’t heard. “I know this album heals people in a really unique way… I only decided ten days ago to release it,” said McGowan. The singer decided to release Planet 9 early because the world has been facing so much trauma. She added, “They can use this album, which is like meditative music… to travel inside and to travel within their mind and within their emotions.”

McGowan elaborated on her song, "Sirene" and said, “its the one song on the album that could be called ‘Me Too.'" She said the lyrics of the song are indicative of the lies and rage and frustration that so many women, men, trans women, and trans men feel. "This song is directly for them, it's for the people who have been hurt, not just by sexual violence, but just by the traumatic experience of being alive.”

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