LIST: Top Pinterest Holiday Ideas of 2018

Photo credit © Alena Ozerova |

If you need ideas for your house this holiday season, Pinterest is the place to be. Here are some of the biggest holiday decor trends for 2018 according to Pinterest’s top trends “holi-YAY” report.

Asymmetrical wreaths - Traditional circles are so last year, now the cool holiday wreaths have taken a modern, minimalist twist. Think a simple metal ring with greenery and holly only on the bottom half.

Leaf place cards - This season the prettiest way to show someone to their seat at the holiday table is with lovely green leaves with their names written in metallic paint pen.

Temporary tattoo ornaments - Turn glass ball ornaments from the dollar store into unique decorations by painting them then dressing them up with temporary tats.

Tree vessels - Christmas tree skirts are a tradition that’s not going anywhere, but if you want to try something more polished this year, alternatives like tree collars and urns are becoming a trendy way to finish off the bottom of the tree.

Marbled ornaments - Create your own swirled baubles with inexpensive glass balls and a little paint and you can DIY just like Martha Stewart.

Letterboard decor - This staple is endlessly versatile for the holidays, you can use it as a festive front door display to greet guests or as a holiday menu board.

Zero waste gift wrap - This year the biggest trend if gift wrapping is reusable, giftable paper alternatives. So start tying your holiday packages up in pretty scarves, tea towels and such and save the trees.