Moms Find Out Why Daughters' Scrunchies Are Going Missing

Notice an abundance of scrunchies missing?
Photo credit Getty Images
By 102.9 The Wolf

(102.9) Being a 90s girl, I remember when scrunchies were life; and um...I had short hair; but you better believe that I had a stack of them because I loved wearing them on my wrist-- they were the ultimate accessorie.

As I got older and my hair got longer, wearing a scrunchie was for lazy laundry days and the gym; but now? According to one fed up mom, they're for giving to cute boys. 

Emily Covington went to Facebook to share what turned out to be a hilariously relatable and informative post for moms across the country who were all wondering why their daughters kept losing these fashionable hair ties.

A bright light bulb suddenly went off and it all started to make sense. Moms everywhere started to sounded off, saying they were pleasantly surprised by the news and shared stories of how their daughters needed scrunchies for birthday parties and boy moms were ratting out their sons for finding scrunchies in their pants pockets. Sound familiar?

Now you know, mom.