A Pizza Shop Owner Made Money Ordering His Own Pizzas on DoorDash

He didn't even give DoorDash permission to offer delivery.

Supporting local businesses and restaurants has been a big part of helping the community during this pandemic, and maybe you've been doing your part by getting takeout and delivery. The problem is, there have been plenty of reports about how delivery apps like GrubHub and DoorDash are actually taking away money from the restaurants, as opposed to going to the restaurant and ordering directly. 

There have even been reports of both apps adding restaurants for delivery... without them even knowing

This is one of those cases. According to an anonymous source close to the restaurant, a local pizzeria owner noticed he was getting a lot of negative reviews on Yelp! about his delivery service and people getting the wrong orders, but there was one major problem: Their pizzeria wasn't doing app delivery, or at least the owner thought they weren't. 

Turns out, not only had DoorDash listed them for delivery, they were offering his pizzas at a discount. His specialty pizzas, normally priced at $24, were being listed for only $16. So he decided to do a test... he ordered his own pizza for $16, and DoorDash paid his restaurant the full $24 for the order. So he made money ordering his own pizza. On the 10 pizzas they ordered for $160, he was paid out $240. (quick maths.)

It was reportedly all part of a DoorDash strategy to guage the interest of a local restaurant.

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