Twenty One Pilots Fans May Have Uncovered the Next Album’s Release Date

This is some seriously involved detective work!

Last July, the Skeleton Clique (AKA Twenty One Pilots fans) thought Twenty One Pilots' Twitter page was teasing something huge, and it seems like they’ve been hard at work to crack the code ever since. 

Literally. Fans have been finding what they see as clues hidden in the lyrics of Blurryface songs and chasing down other leads to come up with a new theory: that a TOP album is going to drop this year.

AltPress gathered all of this intel, and we’re relaying some of the most important information to you.

Over the weekend, the Skeleton Clique’s Instagram story tagged a @sarajsfish, whose below post is captioned with a sequence of 5 dots followed by 1 single dot, leading fans to believe a new song could be coming May 1.

We can’t be too sure, but the Skeleton Clique may or may not be on to something.

The AltPress investigation is way more involved than this, and you can catch every last detail of their sleuthing here.