WATCH: Jack White Talks “Over and Over and Over” & Creative Process

Find out the 13-year history of “Over and Over and Over” and why Jay-Z is a “Respect Commander”
Photo credit © Mathew Hayward Dreamstime

Destined for greatness long before The White Stripes days, Jack White's musical career extended to The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. He’s earned 12 GRAMMY Awards (so far). But he didn’t stop there. His third solo album, Boarding House Reach drops Friday, March 23—an album his own Third Man Records calls his “most ambitious work thus far.” Translation: Jack White’s pushing the boundaries and creating sounds we didn’t know were capable of existing.

That's something we can definitely attest to. We've already heard the album’s lead single, “Connected By Love,” which came out along with “Respect Commander.” Next came “Corporation,” and that brings us to the most recently released single: “Over and Over and Over."

The track originated back in 2005. There was an attempt at recording it as a White Stripes song. And a Raconteurs song. And a Dead Weather song. And as a JAY-Z collaboration. And as a previous solo effort. But sometimes, you just need a year or 13 before it all finally clicks, and White told us all about its origination in the exclusive interview below:

And what about the method to Jack’s madness? Chris Rock said no one cares about how it happened as long as they get to hear the finished product. Does Jack agree? Watch below to find out a bit more about the rocker’s creative process, especially as it pertains to the forthcoming release.