Animals at the ZSL London Zoo Get Special Halloween Pumpkin Treats


Who says Halloween is just for kids?

These gorillas at the ZSL London Zoo got in on the holiday fun, playing with their seasonal pumpkin patch. Staff says they had a ball smashing the jack o'lanterns open and scooping out the gooey insides, which had a special treat added -- sugar-free lime jelly.

ZSL’s Head of Primates Dan Simmonds says: “While some children may think it’s more of a trick than a treat to get vegetables for Halloween, our gorillas love everything about this spooktacular snack.

“They got to show off their strength to smash them open, and they loved scooping out the gooey insides. We filled a few with an extra ghoulish surprise too: their favourite sugar-free lime jelly.

It's not just the gorillas who are getting in on the action -- the zoo's lemurs and spider monkeys are also pretty big fans of Halloween snacks! 

“And just like children trick or treating, our squirrel monkeys used every trick up their sleeve to get their hands on some treats - wriggly mealworms hidden inside mini pumpkins, hanging from the trees in their home.”