Diabetic Kindergartner Raises Money For Service Dog By Selling Pumpkins

By , Radio.com

By Meredith Ganzman

Six-year-old Ian, who has diabetes, used pumpkins to help raise more than $20K to get a service dog to monitor his blood sugar.

The boy’s parents say his Michigan school would no longer allow him to ride the school bus with the other kids due to the severity of his diabetes.

Their request for an aid to accompany him was also denied. They knew an alert dog could help track his blood sugar. But these dogs can cost upwards of $25K. So the family started fundraising- selling vegetables from their garden, along with pumpkins.

Ian’s efforts have raised more than $24K with the help of a Facebook fundraiser, and his new dog is already on the way from Indianapolis. He says any leftover funds will go towards helping other kids in need, who also have diabetes.