Former Teacher Brings Sisters To Father-Daughter Dance After Losing Their Father

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After two students lost their father right before the daddy-daughter dance, this teacher escorted them along with his own daughters.

It hit close to home for Steve Culbert whose brother died of cancer when he was a young child. He didn’t want Avery and Alivia to feel alone. Steve says that he hoped the dance would be able to lift the girls' spirits during such a difficult time. 

The local Michigan community did all they could to make the big night special for the girls. Steve rented a limo, they were treated to having their hair and nails done, and other school parents bought them brand new dresses, and corsages.

So far hundreds of dollars have been donated to a GoFundMe page to help with the girls’ college fund, and Avery and Alivia have hopefully learned that although they are without their dad, they have a friend for life in their former teacher.