Girl Who Lost Leg To Cancer Gets New Knee From Reattached Backwards Ankle


By Meredith Ganzman

After losing her leg to cancer, a 12-year-old dancer will be able to continue tearing up the floor thanks to an incredible procedure to create a new knee joint.

Doctors at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital did the whole thing by reattaching Delaney Unger’s ankle on backward.

"You can take my leg. I don’t care. I just want to dance again, because I’ve never done anything else in my life except dance," says Delaney Unger.

The technique avoided doing a knee replacement, which is better for a young patient, doctors say.

Delaney uses a prosthetic with her ankle joint to allow for better bending in her leg.

And now she’s ready to get her groove on again and will be trying out for her school’s kickline team soon.

"She’s back doing what she wants to be doing and only getting stronger each time," Stony Brook doctor Fazel Khan says.