How 10-year-old Miraculously Survived Meat Skewer Impaling His Face


By Meredith Ganzman

This 10-year-old’s face says it all as he is miraculously recovering, after falling from his tree house and landing on a meat skewer, which impaled his head.

The skewer was apparently sticking up from the ground. And it took more than a hundred doctors at Kansas University Hospital to remove it from Xavier Cunningham’s face.

"He proved to be remarkably brave, because this plan would not have worked if he was not as calm and as brave as he was," says Dr. Koji Ebersole .

Surgery took hours, and incredibly, the sharp object did not hit any brain structures on the way out.

"It is a miracle when you hear it from the doctor’s point of view of everything that could have happened that didn’t happen," says Xavier's mom Gabrielle Miller.

And now just days later, Xavier has taken a sharp turn in his recovery and is playing video games from his hospital bed and joking with his family.