Lesbian Couple Paints House Colors Of Pride Flag To Combat Neighbors’ Alleged Anti-gay Harassment

Photo credit Lisa Licata
By , Radio.com

By Meredith Ganzman

A Pennsylvania couple is showing their pride with a fresh coat of paint to their house.

Lisa Licata and Sherry Lau say their neighbors have allegedly been calling them homophobic slurs for years.

The couple tried to quell the situation by building a fence between the homes, but when things didn’t get better, they made a statement to show they are not going anywhere, and they are proud of their sexual identity. That's when Licata says they painted the partition the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ Pride flag.

"When it kept going on, we decided to go big and paint the side of the house that faces them. The rest of the neighborhood seems to like it though. We’ve gotten a lot of complements."

Now they’re going further and painting the front of the house these colors. They say their friends and family love and accept them. If their neighbors don’t, they just want them to leave them alone.

"You can be who you are. It’s okay. Stand up for who you are, and love wins," Licata says.