Man With Dementia Relives Best Day of His Life and Remarries Wife of 54 Years


By Meredith Ganzman

No matter how much of his memory Frank Borg loses to dementia, he’ll always remember how much he loves his wife.

So when the hospice care center, where he lives, asked him to recall the best day of his life, his answer was clear- it was his wedding day. In fact he told the staff it was his dream to relive the very special day when he and his wife of 54 years, Sue, said I do.  

Caretakers sprung into action and worked with the family to recreate the couple’s nuptials. They even had the same bouquet and cake. They say Frank’s so romantic, and whenever Sue walks in the room, he just lights up. It’s as if he falls in love with her all over again each time he sees her.

And this special day is helping Frank keep his memories and love for Sue alive and well.