Man Goes From Being Homeless and on Drugs to London’s Happiest Bus Driver


By Meredith Ganzman

Bus Driver Patrick Lawson is known as London’s happiest bus driver. That’s because every day he greets every single one of his passengers with a warm hello.

But his journey to having such a constant, cheery disposition was not an easy one. He spent years either homeless or in jail and lived a life filled with drugs and violence. Once he was able to get clean, a local social services program helped train him to find a job as a bus driver.

Since his first day in the driver’s seat, he’s tried to go the extra mile for his passengers, he says.

Patrick was recently honored with the Hello London Award for Outstanding Customer Service at Transport at the annual London Bus Awards. And now he’s up for for the U.K. Bus Awards’ Top London Bus Driver prize.

We wish him luck!