Newlyweds Take Wedding Guests to Target to Shop for Toys for Needy Kids


By Meredith Ganzman

For Brad and Jessica’s wedding, they brought their guests to the place where their love story began- Target. On their first date, Brad took Jessica there to buy presents for “Toys for Tots,” he explained.

"At the very end I said the best line I’ve ever said to anyone in my life. Listen I don’t know where this will lead, whether it’s friendship, or a relationship or maybe I’ll never see you again. But if our first date leads to children smiling on Christmas morning, then what more can I ask for?"

They’ve shopped for “Toys for Tots” each holiday season for the past seven years. And after they recently said “I do,” they kept the special tradition going. The newlyweds gave everyone red envelopes with $10 gift cards inside. And they all went shopping together.

Brad and Jessica say they’re already so lucky to have each other. So they want to celebrate their love by giving back to others, especially the little ones, who may be in need of merriment this time of the year.