Police Amazed By ‘Humanity’ Of Teen Performing CPR On Squirrel


By Meredith Ganzman

"Is he giving him CPR? I think he is, look at him," Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Police Department officers said.

Officers driving up on 19-year-old Christopher Felix were shocked to see him trying to help a furry friend on the side of the street.

Felix thought he hit a squirrel with his car. When the critter appeared unresponsive, he tried giving it CPR.

"Yeah so you know trying to help it out, " Felix said.

Bodycam video shows a gloved handed Felix doing mini chest compressions for 20 minutes, before the squirrel came to and ran away.  

"There he goes. You saved his life man," officers said.

Police say they were amazed by the teen’s humanity caring for the animal and that he deserves a life-saving award.