Ride Share passenger makes rapping driver’s dream to see ‘Hamilton’ a reality


By Meredith Ganzman

An unexpected passenger helped to make this Via ride share driver’s dream of seeing “Hamilton” a reality. Sydney raps all the time, while driving for a living, and in particular loves the Tony-award winning Broadway musical, “Hamilton.”

But until Chicago publicist Rachel Gillman Rischall took one of Sydney's very entertaining rides, he had never been able to see the show because of the pricey cost of the tickets. So Rachel tweeted this video to musical creator Lin Manuel Miranda and reached out to her PR network of friends to get him seats.

She was able to get Sydney and his wife tickets and give them a night they’d never forget!

"You really deserve to go. You’re so talented. You're clearly so impassioned about it," Rachel says.

It was an experience that nearly brought Sydney to tears-- but don’t worry, that hasn’t stopped him from belting out his favorite show tunes from the driver’s seat.