Waitress With Incredible Work Ethic Straps Son To Back During Restaurant Shift


By Meredith Ganzman

Nothing stops this working mom- even if means bringing her kid along for the ride.

Kori Dotson unexpectedly filled in for a waitress shift, but her babysitter wasn’t home. So she strapped her two-year-old, Rhody, to her back and got to it- refreshing drinks, taking orders and even washing dishes.

A customer at the Tennessee diner snapped these pics of the determined mom. She told RADIO.COM she was one of the best waitresses she ever had, and her incredible work ethic was setting a strong example for her young son.

Kori says it wasn’t Rhody's first day on the job either. Sometimes he rolls silverware at the restaurant or pretends to take orders scribbling on his notepad.