Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Pet Pig Tattoo Tribute

An ink tribute for the couple's new roommate
Photo credit © Press Association

There is yet another tattoo honoring the relationship of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

In case you were away, or accidentally turned off your Google Alerts, or hate love this week - let us catch you up on the latest from the adorable couple.

News emerged over the weekend that the two now has their very own baby pig.

The pig and the tattoo are just the latest examples in a whirlwind relationship of Ariana and Pete's love for each other. It also appears that the pig's name is Piggy Smallz, which is perfect.

Speaking of names, why don't we have an awesome celebrity couple name for Grande and Davidson yet? Where's the Brangelina and Bennifer nickname for these two? Peana? Arite?

We'll keep working on it. In the meantime, we'll be vibin' to "Breathin". The latest from Grande about overcoming anxiety and finding someone who helps it fade away has been our jam all week. We're sure Piggy Smallz digs it too.