Is The Clue To New Vampire Weekend Music Found In a Financial Statement?

A new report suggests we’ll hear something soon

There are a lot of places to learn about new music, but rarely is it buried between the numbers of a company’s quarterly financial statement.

That might be the case though for Vampire Weekend.

According to Consequence Of Sound, the band’s new label listed a “noteworthy project” from Vampire Weekend for Q3 in their latest quarterly financial statment. That means by the end of September we could have new music from Ezra Koenig and company in our ears.

“Noteworthy Project” could very well be the band’s fourth album, their first since 2013’s Modern Vampires Of The City. Reports from earlier this year were that they were almost done with the anxiously awaited follow-up.

The band did offer a snippet of new music in June, but this in an important document where they use words like earnings and Q3, so our hopes are high.