Could BTS Be TIME’s 2018 Person Of The Year?

They've won another reader poll, because of you!

ARMY, isn't it time for TIME to take you seriously?

Once again, BTS has topped the voting for TIME and their reader poll, now for Person Of The Year. Each year the magazine selects a person, group, object, or idea that has had the biggest impact on the year that was, and once again when they asked the world the answer was an astoundingly loud vote for BTS.

This keeps happening at TIME. In 2017, the group was named one of the Most Influential People On The Internet by the organization, and earlier this year they swept the voting for TIME's 100 reader poll. Now once again the "IDOL" singers have taken the top spot when it comes to asking people what they think. To give you an idea of the ARMY's impact, BTS is followed in the voting by Planet Earth. The whole planet, which seems pretty important and a clear winner, until you hear "Waste It On Me."

Last year the magazine awarded the title of Person Of The Year to "The Silence Breakers", or those who spoke up during the #MeToo movement and created a cultural change. The year before that the POTY was Donald Trump, who stunned the world with his election win. Monday morning, TIME released their shortlist for the 2018 cover star. The list once again includes Donald Trump, but also Vladimir Putin, special counsel Robert Mueller, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler​, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, and several other key figures and movements. None of them have the choreography that BTS does though.

BTS is not the President or a Duchess, but they did continue to grow their global domination in 2018. The band just hit number one again with their Love Yourself: Answer album, and got nominated of a GRAMMY for their Love Yourself: Tear album, as described in the video above.

So we ask you ARMY, isn't it time for TIME to take you seriously? If not now, when? Vote below and make your voice heard. Will this be the year that BTS get the TIME recognition they deserve?