EXCLUSIVE: Khalid Shows Us Inside His EP Release Party

"To share it with people who I really love was amazing"

Last month Khalid released his latest EP Suncity, a more mature step forward for the already award-winning American Teen singer. 

The collection shows a lot of growth for the now 20-year-old artist, and also serves as a love letter to his hometown roots in Texas. Suncity finds Khalid trying on different vibes and flexing the dynamics of his voice, but never losing that cool and calming trademark voice in the evolution. 

In the days leading up to the release, Khalid was anxious and surrounded by friends. "We were waiting, and it felt like the time went by so slow. The hours were dragging" he told us.

Rather than watch the clock, Khalid came up with a way to pass the time and to celebrate the next step in his career. "The night of, I literally invited all of my closest friends to my house and I had tons of cupcakes and a cake with my face on it. We just sat there, and we just enjoyed the moment with each other, because this life is such a blessing and I'm having so much fun. These experiences and these new beginnings are just everything to me, so to share it with people who I really love was amazing."

Friends, family, and food with you face on it are generally a great fix to any situation. For Khalid, he emerged with an outstanding new era of music and a party full of good feelings. "Releases can go either way" he added. "For me it was just more of the fact that I had this body of work that I was able to express with so many people who I love, and who love me, and that really made it everything."

Khalid also recently took part in a game of "pass the baton" with Shawn Mendes, Ella Mai, and more. Check out the video and see what G-Eazy asked our favorite American Teen.