Hockey Is Better With Snoop Dogg Doing Play-By-Play

The Doggfather wonders "who want the money?" as the Kings face the Penguins
Photo credit Noam Galai / Stringer

It has been scientifically proven that things are better with Snoop Dogg. From cooking, to puppies, even planet earth, the Doggystyle MC adds more sizzle fo shizzle.

The latest example is hockey, which got invaded by the D-O-double-G over the weekend in Los Angeles. Snoop was in the arena as a guest DJ at the Los Angeles Kings game, warming up the crowd and the players with a half-hour set from DJ Snoopadelic. While he was there to "kick a little something for the G's", he stuck around to spit some skills in the announcer booth as well.

"All you got to do is be aggressive. It's still there, it's still there" he encouraged as the Kings were on a power play against the Pittsburgh Penguins. "Somebody got to be willing to take a shot. It can't be all passes. Somebody got to want that money. Who want the money?"

Snoop's motivating message was sprinkled with some actual play-by-play, talking up the shots on goal and the end of the power play, unsurprisingly continuing to come up with "funky a** s***, like, every single day."

Off the ice, Snoop continues his philanthropic endeavors, most recently partnering with the RED organization to auction off a cooking class with the From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg's Kitchen author.