Huntly Singer Elly Scrine on Her Band's Debut and Her Double Life as a Music Therapist

The band released 'Low Grade Buzz' on March 15th
Photo credit Phebe Schmidt

On Friday, Huntly officially arrived with their debut album Low Grade Buzz.

Emotional electronic music filled with indie enthusiasm and alt-R&B vibes, Huntly builds a soundscape around the tender and dynamic voice of singer Elly Scrine, lifting and highlighting her in the album's best moments. It's the culmination of months of diverse and strong singles from the Australian trio, and the mixture of their varied influences and experiences.

"I guess I would say that it's an album about time, and relationships, and vulnerability" describes Scrine during a call from her home in Melbourne. "Quintessential things that someone in their twenties are working through."

Scrine is an interesting young talent on and off the stage, working towards her PhD in music therapy alongside the recording of Low Grade Buzz. She recently completed both successfully, and talked with us about the benefits of music therapy and how her two careers seem to feed each other.

"For me, especially with musicians and people who have a really healthy active relationships with music, I find that explaining music therapy might be easier because they experience what it means to go to a show and stand or sit there with hundreds of other people connected by this one song that you're all singing along to" explains Elly. "That feeling you get, that was one of the things that inspired me to be a music therapist."

Music has forever been a therapeutic tool to soundtrack our emotions and speak truths we aren't always able to say, but the relationship we have to music is more complex than that. Examining it and implementing it in a healthy way is part of what Scrine does when she's not expressing through her own work.  

"I think recognizing the things that make you feel better is a really awesome and basic way of trying to understand that" says Elly. "The research that has come out of the research team that I'm a part of in the last couple of years is looking at how music can be used as this incredible resource for our social and emotional health."

"But also if you're not aware of it, it can also be used for more unhealthy aspects like listening to a sad song over and over and over. It's not making you feel better, it's actually kind of facilitating what we call rumination. It's a way of mirroring intensely negative emotions."

The way in which Elly Scrine creates and works to understand music is an interesting dual existence, and a cool window into the sounds of Huntly. You can hear more from our talk with Elly Scrine below. Low Grade Buzz is now available everywhere.