Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton React to Adam Levine Leaving 'The Voice'

"Gonna miss working with that idiot"

Adam Levine surprised fans on Friday with the announcement that he would be leaving The Voice. After 16 seasons, the coach decided to step away from the show, calling it "an amazing ride" in a lengthy post on Instagram.

"We had no idea what we were doing or where it was going" wrote Levine. "After the first day of shooting, I sat there, stunned. I said to myself 'there's some magic here. Something is definitely happening.' It went on to be a life shaping experience that will be close to my heart forever."

Levine is one of two coaches who has been with The Voice since the beginning, alongside Blake Shelton. The country crooner remains for season 17, and shared his own thoughts about Adam leaving in a tweet.

"Having a hard time wrapping my head around Adam Levine not being at The Voice anymore" said Shelton. "After 16 seasons that changed both of ours lives. I only found out about this yesterday and it hasn’t set in on me yet. Gonna miss working with that idiot."

Together Shelton and Levine spent 8 years together on the singing competition. Kelly Clarkson joined three seasons ago, and John Legend made his debut on the most recent season.

Clarkson too shared some memories about Levine after the news broke on Friday. "While I get that he’s been doing the show for a while and wants to step away, it will be weird showing up for work and he’s not there" wrote the American Idol winner. "To start an amazing show from the ground up is a big deal!"

Levine will be replaced on the upcoming 17th season of the show by Gwen Stefani, who has been a coach on three previous seasons. She will be reunited with her boyfriend Blake Shelton, who she met while filming the show.

Maelyn Jarmon from John Legend's team won the 16th season of The Voice during the finale last week.