Pistol Annies Release ‘Interstate Gospel’ And Bring A Powerful Performance To ‘The Tonight Show’

Celebrating the best album of their career with "Best Years of My Life"
Photo credit Rick Diamond / Stringer

Pistol Annies is back for the first time in five years, and they have had enough. 

Interstate Gospel finds the trio leaning into their best impulses, singing spirited tales of love lost, divorce, the need to reemerge from the wreckage. They do so with fresh zest in the most complete outing of the their three albums. 

Interstate Gospel excels with complete honesty, both lyrically and musically. The stories of broken-down relationships feels real, and they stand on the shoulders of an earnest, swaying style or the bottom-of-the-bog bluegrass treatment they toy with throughout the album. The rollicking rhythm of "Got My Name Changed Back" is a fun highlight, but the picture painted on "Masterpiece" is the most impactful emotional moment of Interstate Gospel

“I think when we’re writing together it’s just a certain kind of magic that we don’t each have with anyone else," Miranda Lambert explains. “We had lived a lot of life since our last record. We all just start craving each other and writing new songs,” adds Ashley Monroe

The trio stopped by The Tonight Show to sing one of Interstate Gospel's standout songs, delivering a powerful performance of "Best Years of My Life."

Interstate Gospel is now available everywhere. Pistol Annies will perform live from Nashville at the 2018 CMA Awards on November 14.