Sisqo Sang “Thong Song” At His Own Wedding

Because of course he did
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Booking the entertainment for your wedding reception can be one of the most painful parts of planning your big day, but if you’re Sisqo you’ve got that “ish” covered “like what, what.”

Congratulations are in order for the Unleash The Dragon singer and Dru Hill member, who got married over the weekend to his longtime partner Elizabeth Pham. The pair have two children together.

The wedding took place on Friday in St. Paul, Minnesota and the reception featured Sisqo performing a choreographed rendition of his signature song, “Thong Song”. This is according to footage obtained by The Baltimore Sun and a reporter from Minnesota who was in attendance at the wedding.

Knowing how excited we get when the "Thong Song" comes on at our cousin's wedding, we can't even begin to process what it's like to see it happen in person. 

The video has yet to be released of Sisqo at the reception, but the singer has acknowledged the story with an emailed statement to The Baltimore Sun. ““I initially sang ‘Thong Song’ about the first thong that I ever saw, so it was only right to sing it about the last one I will ever see… in private, that is.”

Don’t ever change Sisqo, you’ve got our hearts beating like duh dun duh.