Minor League Baseball Team Creates Epic Cotton Candy Hot Dog

Photo credit Erie SeaWolves

By Meredith Ganzman/Joe Cingrana

Chowing down on a hot dog at a baseball game is getting a whole lot sweeter, thanks to this sugary concoction.

Say 'hello' to your new obsession -- the cotton candy hot dog! This sweet twist on the classic concession is a frankfurter wrapped in a cotton candy bun and topped with crunchy candy Nerds. The creation was thought up, and made by team food and beverage director, Tom Ando.

The dinner/dessert combo made its debut at a recent Erie SeaWolves minor league game in Pennsylvania, and brave players even stepped up to the plate to give it a try.

Though we’re not sure we’re ready to dig into the daring dish, it’s definitely a home run in crazy creativity!