Luke Bryan's '12 Days of Pranksmas' Targets Mom on Day 1

Luke and Caroline Bryan
Photo credit Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT

Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have teamed up with a few friends to prank Luke's mother. It's the first video in their annual "12 Days' of Pranksmas" series. In the video, Luke is talking to his mother on a golf course, when a "crazed fan" begins chasing him. Luke says "that's that girl" as he runs away. Luke's mom, LeClair Bryan, motions for police to help then she jumps in to save her son from a crazed fan when they are a little too slow. Both the crazed fan and Luke are rolling around on the ground and she is saying "I just want to hug you!"

After police subdue the overly excited fan, Luke's wife Caroline enters the video to pull Luke away and yells at the fan. She then confronts the fan, who is in the hands of the police officer. That is when Luke lets his mother off the hook. "Mama, 12 Days of Pranksmas." His mother then falls on the ground and says, “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

So far, the other pranks include DAY 2 The Mannequin” 

DAY 3... "FART SPRAY (We may have cleaned up the title of this one a little)

Can't wait to see what happens from here.

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