Mom Reunites with ‘Dead’ Daughter After 69 Years


By Avinash Ramsadeen

Genevieve Purinton was 18-years-old and single when she gave birth to a baby girl in 1949 in an Indiana hospital. She was told that the infant had died during childbirth.

Sixty-nine years later she was shocked to be reunited with that daughter who was very much alive.

Connie Moultroup was a just a few days old when she was taken from her mother and given to a couple in California. When she was five-years-old, her adoptive mother tragically died after a battle with cancer. Six months later, her adoptive father found out he had a fatal heart condition and only had a few months left to live. He quickly married to give the young girl a mother. Unfortunately, Moulroup’s daughter Bonnie Chase says the stepmother was physically abusive.

Chase, told RADIO.COM that ever since then, Moultroup had fantasized about finding her birth mother.

It wasn’t until Chase got herself and her mother Ancestry DNA kits for Christmas last year that that dream would become a reality. 

Based off the little information Moultroup knew about her biological mother, Chase was linked to new-found cousins who were able to connect the dots.

The mother-daughter duo had an emotional reunion at Moultroup’s assisted living center in Tampa, Florida. After the meeting, they spent three days at an Airbnb cooking, laughing and making up for nearly 70 years of lost time.

One of the uncanny links between the two, Chase told RADIO.COM, is that Purinton had always wanted to be a nurse but was never able to be certified so she became a cook. Moultroup, on the other hand, is a nurse who has a huge passion for cooking.

“Mom seems like a different person,” Chase emotionally told RADIO.COM, adding, “to meet her mother is an absolute miracle; on top of that she genuinely likes her!”