Mom Who Lives with Husband, Ex-husband, His Girlfriend and Their 6 Kids Loves Her Blended Family

By Meredith Ganzman/Joe Cingrana

It’s the story of six kids, four parents, one house, and how this blended family became bigger than "The Brady Bunch."

Meet Katie Blackmer. She lives with her husband Ben and her three children -- 11-year-old Gracelyn, 10-year-old Kaylynn, and 5-year-old Colston. She also lives with her ex-husband Stephan, his girlfriend Brandy and her two children -- 7-year-old Jaxson, and 9-year-old Kayleigh.

Ben’s 19-year-old son Hunter just moved out.

While some may think this family combination is surprising, the couples decided to give it a go following Katie and Stephen’s divorce. They have adjusted to different parenting styles. Katie tells that they have systems to deal with bad behavior, reward good deeds and follow routines and schedules.

Stephen and Ben are coaches for some of the kid’s sports teams. So even when balancing work, school, and play gets hectic they act as a big team cheering each other on.

Brandy tells that despite a crowded household, the couples can still find time for each other. And moms Brandy and Katie say the best part of blending their families is just having everyone together for support and sitting down for dinner each night as a family.