Kyrie Irving Responds to Jeering Celtics Fans With Strange, Lengthy Instagram Post

By , WEEI 93.7

While a basketball game took place at the Garden on Wednesday, a slightly more captivating show was going on in the stands.

Celtics fans we relentless with their anti-Kyrie chants, even though Irving wasn’t in Boston.

“Kyrie sucks!”

“Where is Ky-rie?”

Fans also booed the Nets starters as they were announced and did so again on Brooklyn’s first offensive possession.

Whether he was watching or got wind of what went down at the Garden from someone else, Irving found out what happened. After the game, he made sure do let everyone know how he felt about the chants by posting a long message to his Instagram story:

And if you lost your place in the middle of Irving’s rant, don’t fret. Someone took the time to transcribe the post and turn it into a Star Wars scroll to the sound of the movie franchise’s “Imperial March”:

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