Olay’s #FaceAnything Campaign Celebrates Strong Women, Strong Personalities


By Kayla Jardine

These women are truly ready to face anything. 

In Olay’s new campaign, #FaceAnything, gymnast Aly Raisman, YouTube star Lilly Singh, model Denise Bidot, and more are helping inspire women. 
Olay says that "84 percent of women believe social media drives the expectation of beauty", so the campaign hopes to encourage women to create their own definition of what makes them beautiful. 

Aly said in a statement, “"Women are often put into boxes and judged by society if they are seen as different or 'too' something. I'm proud to be involved with a campaign that celebrates women being comfortable in their own skin."

But these women aren’t just talking the talk, they’re going to walk the walk… literally. The 9 role models will strut down the runway at New York Fashion Week completely makeup free next month.

What’s a better way to bare it all than to go completely bare-faced in front of the world! They really can face anything.