Pizza In Bed: It’s What’s For Dinner

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Photo credit © Hanohiki |

For those of you planning your wedding, you might want to consider using pizza bouquets and boutonnieres instead of the traditionally boring flowers. 
The yummy alternative is sure to make guests envious of your exquisite taste. 

But if you’d rather just keep pizza near and dear to your heart, you can opt for a jacket made out of the same luxurious casing that keeps it warm. 

But the best yet, might just be the pizza box table. 

Canadian pizzaiolos Boston Pizza just introduced this incredible invention that turns their pizza box right into a table.

"As Canada’s pizza leader, we're always looking for new ways to make pizza-eating more fun and convenient for our guests," says Adrian Fuoco, Senior Director of Marketing for Boston Pizza International. "And with more TVs in bedrooms than ever, and more seasons to binge-watch, now’s the perfect time for this kind of pizza innovation. The result is a pizza box with legs that easily unfold and lock into place. And just like that, you can comfortably eat a pizza in bed."

Breakfast... err... dinner in bed never looked so good!