Boomer Esiason on Tom Brady: It's Either L.A. or New England

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Every NFL pundit has their opinion on Tom Brady's future, some more informed than others.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Tuesday, WFAN and CBS Sports' Boomer Esiason gave his thoughts, and he believes it is either staying in New England for going out to Los Angeles and the Chargers for the 42-year-old quarterback.

“The team that is going to have trouble selling tickets, and is struggling, is the L.A. Chargers," Esiason said. "That is why most people think maybe Tom would want to go to L.A. It would maybe extend his TB12 brand. Gisele, obviously being the model that she is, there’s more avenues for them as a couple and for her and her career. That seems to make the most sense. I can’t see him going to Carolina. I can’t see him going to one of these one-off teams — Chicago. I just don’t see that happening.

"L.A. or New England is what I think.”

Esiason was also asked about the Patriots trading away Jimmy Garoppolo and he said that was a similar thing to what is going on now.

“That is a really good question. I think (Bill Belichick) felt like he had the heir apparent," he said. "There’s no question about that, but you just never know how long a guy is going to play. It is really hard to tell a guy who has been part of nine Super Bowls and six Super Bowl victories that we don’t want you anymore. I think that is kind of where the Patriots are right now any way. Tom wants to be wined and dined by a couple of teams, maybe the Chargers.”

Brady officially will become a free agent March 18.

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