ESPN’s Adam Schefter is Surprised Tom Brady Hasn’t Received Contract Extension


(WEEI) -- One of the biggest topics surrounding the Patriots is Tom Brady’s contract as the quarterback still does not have a contract beyond this season, and he’s never played a season out as a walk year.

Brady was asked about it when he spoke this week, but didn’t really have much to say, although he seemed hopeful a deal would get done.

Appearing on Roto Street Journal’s Fantasy Fullback Dive podcast recently, ESPN’s Adam Schefter admitted he’s surprised a deal hasn’t got done, but also added it really doesn’t matter.

“To me, I don’t think it is any mystery, Tom Brady isn’t leaving. He can play in New England as long as he wants. Frankly, I am a little surprised it is not done right now. I thought they would have given him an extension,” Schefter said. “But, it’s not like he needs it to pay the rent. I think Tom Brady can afford to operate on his own time schedule with whatever is important to him. Like I said, I am surprised it is not done, but what does it matter? You go into the last year, do you think he’s leaving there? No. The only question is how much longer does he want to play? Does he need the money? No. Is he leaving? No. It’s an industry topic, but I don’t know how much relevance there is.”

Saturday is Brady’s 42nd birthday and the team is off for the weekend before joint practices in Detroit next week.