MLB Player Tells Jon Heyman ‘Chances for a Season Are Pretty Close to Zero’


The negotiations between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association are not going well.

The players were very upset with the latest proposal from the owners when it came to salaries, especially with a sliding scale being implemented in order to determine salary cuts. Sports MLB insider Jon Heyman joined Ordway, Merloni & Fauria Thursday to discuss the current status and he relayed a text he received from a player that did not paint a pretty picture. Although it's worth noting Heyman believes a deal will ultimately get done.

“The call was last night. I was getting texts," Heyman said. "I got a text from a player — and I think they are going to get a deal, I think they are going to work it out. I can’t believe they are going to blow it up over economics. But, from a very smart player, he said to me … ‘On call now. I think the chances for a season are pretty close to zero.’ That was the entire text.

"It’s not going well, I will say that. I am taking a step back. He is in the middle of it. Taking a step back, I believe both sides understand they need to play the games if they can in terms of their health. They cannot blow it up over money. They just cannot do it.”

The original goal for baseball was to come back in early July, but the way things are going that seems unlikely at this point.

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