Patriots Players React to Having Josh Gordon Back With Team


(WEEI) -- Josh Gordon is back at Gillette Stadium, as he strolled through the Patriots locker room during the media availability portion Monday.

The wide receiver has a locker between Benjamin Watson and Maurice Harris in addition to being two away from Tom Brady.

A few of his teammates who spoke were asked about what it was like to see him again Monday.

Here's what they had to say.

Phillip Dorsett: “We love Josh. I love Josh. I’m just glad to have him back. … It’s definitely good to see him. It’s refreshing ... He’s a physical specimen. We all know that. Even from what he did last year — he helped this team out a lot. And we’re definitely hoping he can come back and do the same.” 

Rex Burkhead: “I’ve briefly been able to say hello to him. He’s a great player, great guy, and it’s a pleasure to see him around again. … He’s a great addition for our team. Whatever the coaches ask for him, I’m sure he’ll be ready to do.” 

David Andrews: “Josh is a great teammate, and we are glad to have him back.” 

The wide receiver was reinstated on a conditional basis by the NFL on Friday. He cannot play in Thursday's preseason game, but is fair game after that.

Gordon is currently on NFI, so it is unlikely he practices Monday.