Why Randy Moss and Tedy Bruschi Have Doubts About Antonio Brown

By , WEEI 93.7

Antonio Brown is now a Patriot and everyone has an opinion whether it was the right move for the organization or not.

Two former Patriots -- Randy Moss and Tedy Bruschi -- gave their thoughts Sunday morning on ESPN's NFL Countdown, and both seemed to have questions surrounding the signing.

“My question to Antonio Brown, I thought it was always about the money," Moss said. "I didn’t think it had to do with football, but since you’re with the defending Super Bowl champs, the greatest of all time in head coaches and quarterbacks, are you ready to play some football? That is the only question I have for him because every time over the last month or two Antonio Brown has showed up on your phone or any server it has nothing to do with football.

"The next time I see Antonio Brown show up on my phone, it has to be touchdowns. That is all I want from here on out — football, football, football.”

Bruschi had a major issue with some comparing Brown to Moss when it comes to joining the Patriots at a tough time.

“Stop all the Randy Moss comparisons because it is different," he said. "I played with this guy when he came in. We had conversations when he came in. It was all about winning football games. That is what it was about. That was what Randy wanted to experience. We experienced that. We didn’t finish the job in the Super Bowl, we didn’t get it done, but it was about winning football games. Antonio Brown is different. Based on all of his activity in the last year, it’s all about himself. It’s selfish. That is the opinion I have of his behavior up until this point.

"He basically, by being signed by the Patriots, everything is important there — walkthroughs, meetings, practices, meetings after practice — everything is important. Saturday walkthrough, you have to be there. You have to be present. He has to change. Is that possible? Can he change and be someone that can be reliable on a team that needs him?”

The former linebacker was asked how many games he expects Brown to play this year, and he predicted there will be some incident at some point this season.

“I would be surprised if he lasts the season without having some type of issue and then how the New England Patriots handle it once that issue comes up, because there’s going to be an issue," Bruschi said. "There is a player in that wide receiver room right now that needs a distraction free environment to have success. We know who that is, right? With Josh Gordon now in that room, he needs to focus himself to be there all 16 games. Now you have two wild cards in Gordon and AB and you’re wondering can they hold it together for an entire season?"

Brown won't debut Sunday, but likely will be on the field next week in Miami.